The Great Shift

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been anticipating the Great Shift in tangible form. It’s here. It’s happening. I am taken aback with the amount of people seeking support right now. In a way it’s no surprise. These times are the perfect ingredients for Awakening. Yet as you well know Awakening is no picnic.Continue reading “The Great Shift”

World Changes

The world is moving through immense, necessary, changes. It is only by purging these polarised ideas can we finally let go of their grip upon humanity’s consciousness. You will undoubtedly find yourself being pulled into all kinds of directions of what to believe. This is a just a reminder that your reality always belongs toContinue reading “World Changes”

Will you walk with me?

“Why can’t you see the world the same way I do?” Maybe we’re not meant to Maybe I’m here to mirror your extremityAnd you’re here to mirror mine What if You and Me dropped our flagsof self righteous beliefs What if in our all knowing wisdom,we realise…we do not actually know very much at all.Continue reading “Will you walk with me?”

Attraction & Reflection

Our journey of manifesting, attracting, reflecting what we want in our external reality is one of Alignment. It is a journey of Self Growth. When we desire certain things in our lives what we are really saying is – I wish to become that… As only when we become that, can we vibrationally match it…inContinue reading “Attraction & Reflection”

In a time of setting intentions…

What is your relationship with Intentions & Manifestations? I have had a powerful journey with it and my views today are far different from when they began, as I’m sure they will be far different in time to come.  In a time of setting your intentions, it is also a time of aiming lower. BecauseContinue reading “In a time of setting intentions…”

Facing Your Shadow

Facing our own shadow is a tough journey. If we’re finding it easy, we’re probably not really facing it. Because it’s exactly the parts we do not want to face.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀As we meet it, embrace it, find peace with it – in its existing form…we bring another part of our Self Home & awaken more SelfContinue reading “Facing Your Shadow”

How can Trust Can Shift Your Reality?

How we perceive our own decisions, actions, feelings affects everything.  If our self doubt spirals out of control, it rules all.  Usually past experiences which didn’t go according to our own expectations lead us to believe we make bad choices & decisions.Inevitably this leads us to doubt in our very being.  Result? Procrastination. Indecision. Passivity.Continue reading “How can Trust Can Shift Your Reality?”

The Power of Your Imagination

I love storytelling. It speaks to a part of us that is always residing in imagination. When we use story, we can understand elements of life much easier. It’s no coincidence many great teachers who walked the planet used storytelling, or parables, to relay their messages. It was a way for each person to understandContinue reading “The Power of Your Imagination”