When you focus, you also unfocus

We are fascinating creatures…when something takes the forefront of our consciousness we become preoccupied with it. The way our consciousness works is that as we focus on something, other elements in our life become less focused. Much like with our eyes, what is center is sharp, what is in the periphery is blurred. And thisContinue reading “When you focus, you also unfocus”

Conscious Attraction of Your Reality

You are not just attracting things to your reality, you are also attracted to it One of the fascinating aspects of our Manifestation process, or Creating Your Reality, is of course that the Inner World attracts and reflects the Outer World.  When I first came across Creating Your Reality, I lapped it up. It explainedContinue reading “Conscious Attraction of Your Reality”

5D Earth – Future Timeline Transmission

In this Guided Divine I AM Transmission we will access the Future Earth Timeline that is ready to be accessed in this moment – this is an Expression of 5D Earth and all that is potential and possible for Yourself and Humanity. Receive Activations to Awaken your Inner Joy, Wisdom & Potential. As with allContinue reading “5D Earth – Future Timeline Transmission”

The Divine Plan

You are being liberated form an older paradigm through a quantum accelerated shift in consciousness during this time. Mass consciousness is moving to a newer paradigm of thought & experience. The divine plan is a tapestry with every single experience interweaving through it. This includes your experience! Since ancient times, This Time has been foretold.Continue reading “The Divine Plan”

10 Minute Re-Centering: Tune Into Your Inner World

This is a 10-minute meditation to Re-Center – To re-connect with your Self. To remember who You are. This meditation helps you disconnect from the outer world, the collective stories, the stories of others…even your own story… To discover what is within, waiting, breathing, Being. And ultimately to help guide you back into the PresentContinue reading “10 Minute Re-Centering: Tune Into Your Inner World”

Awaken Your Inner Love

This journey is designed for those who wish to Awaken, Deepen, Expand their Inner Love. This can be listened to numerous times to align to your own Inner Love. You have access to Eternity within. If you are experiencing Depression, Anxiety, Generally low state in your life – allow yourself to be taken on aContinue reading “Awaken Your Inner Love”

Affirmations for Self Love

These are Affirmations for Self Love. All Affirmations used here were used by myself to assist in emerging from depression – they are created with love, to act as a daily reminder of what you are capable of, recondition your subconscious with higher philosophies of love, offer channelled energies to awaken your Soul and initiateContinue reading “Affirmations for Self Love”