channeled healer training

The Divine I AM Transmissions are a multidimensional Awakening system channeled by Vaz Sriharan. They work symbiotically with the Planetary Light Grids, a crystalline grid that surrounds Mother Earth harnessing great cosmic loving light – and your Divine I AM Presence.

When brought into a healing space, the energies initiate incredible multi-layered transformation. They are an opportunity to shed & release cycles, patterns in a deeper, often more accelerated way, for these times.

Here they are used for immense bring healing and transformation. Yet they are much more than healing. They represent a shift in consciousness where we are all waking up to our multidimensional nature. Thus, the Divine I AM Transmissions accelerate each individual’s awakening process and their spiritual connection to multidimensional reality.

This is what generates such profound shifts and changes for those who experience them….Something you too can offer for your self & others.

The Divine I AM Transmissions are in honour to this Great Shift, working in harmony with Source, Creation & All That Is.