Level 2 – Divine I AM Training

The Divine I AM Transmission Training Level 2 takes practitioners to the next level of their sacred connection to Christ Consciousness energies.

Awakening Your Multidimensional Self

Receive Higher Dimensional Attunements

Receive higher dimensional activations from the light grids to attune you to even higher Christ Consciousness frequencies, now reachable during this stage in the Ascension. These attunements are designed to accelerate the Awakening of your Multidimensional Self.

This can be taken as a powerful upgrade for all parts of your Self and Reality – leading to transformations in all parts of your life.

As well as learning how to channel the planetary light grids in new ways, for more potent Activational work for self, clients and groups.

Also learning how to work with the greater cosmos and Great Spirit harmoniously for ascension awakening.

You will learn how to…

Work with Higher Layers – Ascension Awakening

Level 2 trains practitioners to use higher layers of the Light Grids, known as “Realms”. Specifically realms 5 through 9 for higher Activational work. These realms involve working in a very different way to the initial 4 layers. Here you will be working with the Akashic Records, Higher Self, Monad & Oversoul.

At these higher levels you are able to access Soul Contracts, Soul Blueprints, Higher Templates for Individuals (Destiny, Soul Purpose & Soul Potential) and download these for focused clearing or activation.

These can also be used to offer 1-2-1 or group themed Activations. (Vaz has called this Ascension Activations and I AM Activations for the public)

Give Fingertip Focused Activations (in-person)

Vaz also shares how to offer micro attunements to the Crown Chakra and Third Eye during a session (something those in-person will be familiar with when he works with each person). These utilise the finger chakras (which will be awakened during the activation) and focus energies like a laser for amplification. They can be used across the chakras for different purposes for self activation & for others. Vaz will share how to use this mindfully and in a grounded way for incredible results.

Working with Ascension Guides, Star Guides, Beings

Learn how to work and bring in relevant Ascension Guides, Star Guides, Spirit Guides, Angels, Light Beings into your session to greatly amplify the experience.

Guides brought in at various levels allow us to offer more cosmic or multidimensional activations that are possible at this level.

Planetary Portals & Celestial Bodies

Learn how to work with Mother Earth’s power spots, vortices & portals with the Divine I AM Transmissions. As well as channeling energies from the Sun, Moon & Great Central Sun to receive cosmic wisdom and intelligence. This is especially relevant during these times as we are now opening up to the Great Central Sun’s energy field (moving into the next stage of planetary ascension).


You may wish to take this course for your own personal and spiritual development. The high vibrational attunements act as a catalyst for your own life and offer a profound transformation that reaches into all areas of your life. It significantly opens up your connection to higher dimensional awareness, wisdom, love, energy & support.

The training itself symbolically represents you saying Yes to a whole new expanded reality as you embrace more of your I AM and synchronise with the Universe, Planetary Light Grids & Mother Earth.

Divine I AM Transmission Training

The Divine I AM Transmission Model is an open, intuitive model designed and channelled by Vaz Sriharan during many years of learning, working with energy. This system allows an individual to act as a Channel to TRANSMIT energies for Healing, Transformation, Awakening, Activation.

Certified by London College of Spirituality

You are here as a Catalyst for Humanity. Your very presence is a transmitter for a higher state of consciousness to be received by the masses. As you connect , develop & reach for more – you stretch mass consciousness – accelerating the Awakening process of all.

I have created Level 2 to share many of the developments, amplifications and realisations I have learned over the 10 years since offering Divine I AM Transmissions. We are all now ready for more.

Vaz Sriharan

What you will receive

Divine I AM Transmission Training – Level 2 Advanced Practitioner

(2 Day Online Workshop: Dates given further down: Online or In-Person)

Receive Advanced Attunements

➟ Higher Dimensional Frequency Attunement: MultiDimensional upgrades (advanced)
➟ Ascension Awakening Activation (Realms 5-9): I AM Awakening as a Practitioner. Attuning Finger Chakras

Learn how to offer
➟ Ascension Awakening Activations – a more advanced Activational tool working with Realms 5 through 9, the Akashic Records, Higher Self, Monad & Oversoul
➟ Fingertip Focused Activations (in-person) to create powerful shifts for people.

Learn how to work with
➟ Ascension Guides, Star Guides, Beings
➟ Planetary Portals, Vortices & Power Spots
➟ Celestial Bodies including the Sun, Moon & Great Central Sun

➟ Experiential learning with others in the space to practice channelling the new activations
➟Magic Circle led by Vaz. Intuitive Channeled Group harmony with the Divine I AM energies


➟ Special Divine I AM Level 2 Course with Video & Written accompanying material.

➟ Certification as an Advanced Divine I AM Transmission Practitioner (Level 2)

Questions & Answers for Divine I AM Practitioners

➟ Throughout the year, Vaz answers questions from the Divine I AM practitioner community by recording audio answers. Listen and learn from others’ questions. Ask your own in this continuous learning.

Next Enrolment

This Training is open for existing certified Divine I AM Practitioners only

There are no more available Divine I AM Trainings for 2022. I will have 2023 dates up soon.

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What Our Level 1 Practitioners Are Saying

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Level 2 is a whole system upgrade…After Level 2 I have found that my connection to the different levels to be much clearer. I am able to call in the layers with much higher frequency than before and my crown is abuzz with higher intensity. 

Level 2 is a whole level upgrade in terms of life and experiences as well. Things have become so much clearer, vibrant and richer.”

Sanjay Bhowani