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I offer live online events that can be accessed anywhere in the world. All of the healing sessions/workshops are Invest what you can afford or have an Early Bird opportunity.

Accelerated Relationship Healing (Karmic Patterns)

Sun, 25th July 2021 | 11AM BST | 8pm AET | Replays available for all bookings

Accelerated Transformational Healing for Relationship Themes. Focus: Healing Your Karmic Relationships

Transformational Healing, Alignment & Elevation of Relationship Themes to Meet the New Conscious Relationship Frequency. Held by 2 Channellers & Teachers: Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova. This is a series of several intensives to offer radical transformation around Relationships.

This is open to all: whether you are single or in a partnership.


This intensive focuses on Healing your Karmic Relationships. What are Karmic Relationships? Across your past lives you have interacted with a wide range of souls. There are specific souls who you will choose to experience specific dynamics in order to heal & elevate from. Often, unhealed situations between two or more souls are magnetised together in other lifetimes in order to resolve them.

However karmic themes are repetitive by nature. They are designed to keep presenting themselves so that a different decision and outcome can emerge. Often souls meeting karmicly know on a soul level they have deep themes to heal. This is especially prominent for those on the conscious / spiritual path who will call in those souls – because their intention is deeper healing. Thus karmic relationships are can often be temporary in nature. However karmic themes can be transmuted between souls if the patterns are consciously met & dissolved.

Karmic relationships are often painful because they hit deep wounds that are being played out. Additionally, vows we have made in previous lives can return in conflict to what we wish for in this life. Often it seems to be like we’re being punished by attracting the same type of individual time and again. The key is to give yourself permission to let these types of relationships go. Seems simple right? Well, as you know it’s more diffiuclt than that. We all hold on tightly to our karmic stories for a reason – because we believe (from our wounds) that we only deserve the current experience.

In order to release karmic relationships we need to anchor the vibrations of Surrender, Forgiveness, Self Worth, Trust in New Stories.

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Lion’s Gate: Divine I AM Transmission

8th August 2021 2021 | 11AM BST | 8pm AET | Replays available for all bookings

The Lions Gate 88 symbolises when the star Sirius (often seen throughout history as Earth’s Second Sun) lines up with the Earth and the Galactic Center. It is also when Sirius is said to be at its closet to Earth and lines up directly with the pyramids of Giza.

The Gateway occurs in the zodiac sign of Leo, hence the name: Lions Gateway. The period lasts 8th to 12th August

The Gateway symbolises essentially an opening of immense Ascension codes. These are higher frequencies of light, coding that Sirius channels through its system to offer us a Great Awakening. Many see the Lions Gateway as our spiritual New Year or New Cycle.

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Divine I AM Transmission Training

Vaz Sriharan & ft Adya Nova | 9th & 10th October 2021 | UK Timings

The Divine I AM Transmission Model is an open, intuitive model designed and channelled by Vaz Sriharan during many years of learning, working with energy. This system allows an individual to act as a Channel to TRANSMIT energies for Healing, Transformation, Awakening, Activation.

This is an incredibly powerful system, reflecting our evolution with healing in general. During these times where our spiritual growth has become more relevant, more refined models of healing are available.

This particular training additionally allows each practitioner to develop their own unique transmission healing method. Essentially this is what it means to become an Intuitive Channel for Transmission energies – you are discovering – or re-discovering your skills as a Healer. 

This is a Training Experience, where you will:

Be Activated through a series of Attunements, to attune your Higher Chakras, Physical Chakras, Physical Body with the Planetary Light Grids – to Channel & Transmit Frequencies for Healing, Transformation and Growth  

➟ Learn How to Channel Using Intention
➟ How to Develop your own Unique Channelled Healing System
➟ Working with the Planetary Light Grid / Crystalline Grid of the Planet
➟ Reconnect to your Multidimensional Selves (Ancient Civilisation, Galactic heritage) through Activational Attunements
➟ Participate in practical work with others to develop your own unique way of channelling
➟ Ability to hold Individual or Group Transmissions  energetically & with love
➟ Receive Powerful Transmission Attunements to access and channel higher frequencies of love, light for Spiritual Transformation
➟ Certification as a Divine I AM Transmission Practitioner
➟ Receive a Training Manual & Certification in Divine I AM Transmissions Practitioner


“Excellent delivery with unwavering respect and support for individually intuited learning within a tested framework. Highly recommended” Nisha

“Brilliant. I highly recommend this training for anyone interested in connecting with/transmitting very high frequencies. This technique has a broad range of applications. Great facilitation. Vaz leads from the heart” Steve Nobel

“It was an amazing experience! Vaz led me to a different dimension of spirituality. Meditation, Transmission, Healing… whatever we call it, I now clearly know that there are no barriers among them. Another reconfirmation for me was that communication methods/tools to connect with the Source (my and your higher-self) are limitless, i.e. language barriers only exist in human level. Thank you very much, Vaz! It was lovely spending weekend with like-minded people. Thank you all !!! xxx” Yumi