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I offer live online events that can be accessed anywhere in the world. These events can also be requested as a replay (simply drop us an email following purchase and request replay). All of the healing sessions/workshops are Invest what you can afford.

Throat Chakra Activations

Sun, 7 February 2021 | 13:00 – 15:15 GMT

Accelerated Transformational Healing through Clearing, Harmonising & Elevation of the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

The Throat Chakra governs your Truth! It reflects your Expression, Authenticity, Creativity. The Throat Chakra links to your Hands, also related to your Creative Expression (Writing, Art, Music, Creation of Projects/Ideas). The Throat Chakra connects to Your Communication Abilities: Communicating your Inner Self to others. The challenges for the Throat relate to Distrust, Doubt, Overly Nice (Mr/Mrs Nice ‘Guy/Girl’), Hiding behind Masks, Fear of showing one True Self, Feeling drowned by Others’ Truths & Views, Creativity Block, Loss of Purpose/Direction, Loss of Connection(Communication) to Spirit.

The Throat Chakra is especially relevant during these times as we are being pushed and pulled in many directions in relation to Our Truth. Your Truth is being tested….and also strengthened, to Awaken. It is also deeply connected to Trust / Doubt.

Session Outline

❀ Channelled Teaching – The Throat Chakra and it’s deeper role in our Spiritual Development & Multidimensional Journey. Understanding polarities of this chakra.

❀ Throat Chakra Rebirth: Chanting (HAM) & Activational Commands
Breathing Release & Shadow Integration.

❀ Throat Chakra Divine I AM Transmission
Focused Release/Cleanse Transmission for Throat Chakra Imbalanced patterns and associated Physical Counterparts holding emotions.

Activating the trans-personal aspects of this chakra as we connect with Gaia’s own Throat Chakra. Opening to Divine Worth, Divine Love, Divine Connection. Multi-Level Expansion.

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