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Reclaiming Your WillPower

I’ve been fasting since my last Transmission on Sunday. I usually do it several times a year. Often the priority is health or detox. Yet I mainly do it also to heal my emptiness and awaken my willpower.  If you’ve ever fasted you know that it isn’t so much being hungry that makes it difficult. It’sContinue reading “Reclaiming Your WillPower”

Golden Light Sphere Meditation for Peace & Calm

Connect with Divine Consciousness and be bathed in golden light to create more calm and peace in your Body, Mind and Spirit. This meditation is especially great to listen to if you find yourself ever feeling anxious, worried, stressed or overwhelmed. Allow loving Spirit to shower you with Light.

Energy Update – October 2020

The Battle between the Light & Dark is not out there. It’s inside. Welcome to this Energy Update which essentially covers this Summer and leading into October.

The Emerging You

During these times, every soul is being asked subtlety: “Who are you… without the influences of your past, of your ideas,  of others? What do you want to Create… in this new world?” As this new world is being birthed, it is not so much as knowing what we want (which is being asked toContinue reading “The Emerging You”

The Divine Plan

You are being liberated form an older paradigm through a quantum accelerated shift in consciousness during this time. Mass consciousness is moving to a newer paradigm of thought & experience. The divine plan is a tapestry with every single experience interweaving through it. This includes your experience! Since ancient times, This Time has been foretold.Continue reading “The Divine Plan”

The Tables have Turned

The world has changed. It is continuing to change every day, the longer this continues. Whatever idea we had about our lives and where we believed it was going, has implicitly been thrown out of the window. However, we have also been trained leading up to this whether we realise this or not. The lastContinue reading “The Tables have Turned”

Healing Your Attachments

During these times, especially with the isolation that is being asked of people around the world – we are being presented with the experience of Detaching from the world around us. This in turn is providing a unique situation to bring up and heal our attachments. Attachments are generally seen with negative connotations, in termsContinue reading “Healing Your Attachments”

Living with the Mystery

This theme reflects how I have come to view life and approaching all the things that come my way. Seeing life this way has not come easy and has involved many core paradigm shifts for myself. Yet ever since embodying a way of life that involves the Mystery I have found that I can meetContinue reading “Living with the Mystery”

A New World is Birthing…within you

In order for a new world to be birthed, an old one must end. This provides us with a unique time to appreciate the ending and birthing of our inner worlds. You have been trained for this, with many of your worlds / paradigms ending.

Into the Unknown

What is happening in the world right now is a powerful opportunity to see the outer manifestation of an energy that swims through many areas of our lives – Worry. Right now, in this moment you most likely have underlying worry in many different parts of your life. This is normal and natural on theContinue reading “Into the Unknown”

Ascension Awakening: Trust

I recorded this episode following a particularly powerful transmission we held on Sunday, which opened up for many realisations, insights flowing through. Treat this as a transmission itself, it speaks a soul language, where as my words flow they will be received by your Soul beyond the mind and analysis. All given here to helpContinue reading “Ascension Awakening: Trust”

Can you feel it stirring?

It’s in our DNA to be prepared for situations like this. Do you feel it stirring? Many of you have had visions of chaos since birth, psychologically preparing for such times. Many of you have experienced trauma, dark nights of the soul, also preparing you for times of change. There is a new era birthingContinue reading “Can you feel it stirring?”


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