Do You Wish to Serve Others?

Activating your Soul Blueprint

Activating the Trailblazer Within

These are incredible times on the planet. During which, millions are awakening to a deeper truth about reality. The Universe is activating these souls to uncover their Heart’s Desires, and Express them to serve Humanity. 

A Trailblazer (or Lightworker, Wayshower) is any soul that chooses to bring forth their inherent Gifts and express these out of enjoyment, simultaneously serving the Greater Whole. As they do this, they consciously co-create with others to bring in a new era of connection, ideology, wisdom, harmony, creation, evolution, love & peace. If this resonates with you, this is You.

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Activating Your Soul Purpose

The Ascension represents a global shift in consciousness. This can only occur with the individual Awakenings that occur for each soul. As the wave of Awakenings grow, the Great Shift grows. As you Awaken to your divinity and then awaken and express your gifts – you participate in the Ascension that you were born toContinue reading “Activating Your Soul Purpose”