trailblazers, lightworkers & wayshowers

You are here for many reasons

These are incredible times on the planet. During which, millions are awakening to a deeper truth about reality. The Universe is activating these souls to uncover their Heart’s Desires, and Express them to serve Humanity. 

A Trailblazer (or Lightworker, Wayshower) is any soul that chooses to bring forth their inherent Gifts and express these out of enjoyment, simultaneously serving the Greater Whole. As they do this, they consciously co-create with others to bring in a new era of connection, ideology, wisdom, harmony, creation, evolution, love & peace. If this resonates with you, this is You.

eCourse: Awaken Your Purpose: What are your Gifts?

What is it that you’re here to do?!

This eCourse is designed to delve deep into your Life, your Experiences to highlight your Gifts. Using psychological and spiritual techniques, be guided through many processes to help you tap into your own Sacred Purposes.

Your Life is an open book with guideposts throughout it trying to let you know what you are good at, great at, passionate about, inspired by and secretly yearning to embody.

What’s Included?

➟ 15 Modules of Exercises & Exploration

eCourse: Lightworkers Rise: 8 Week Course (75% OFF) = £47

  • Are you stuck as a Lightworker?
  • Are you Hiding? Afraid of Being Seen for who you are?
  • Are you playing it Small?
  • Feeling unworthy of your Message being important?
  • Still struggling with Scarcity/Poverty themes?
  • Procrastinate around decisions?
  • Feel like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back?

If you are a budding Healer, Creator, Coach, Artist, or any other intrepid heart centred entrepreneur, you will know that stepping up to your life’s purpose is exhilarating yet no easy feat. 

By now you have been exploring your Path, Purpose and Journey.

There are challenges and hurdles that will present themselves in any endeavour, and sensitive souls have a unique journey.

There is a huge element to stepping up as a Lightworker that many do not really speak about…

What’s Included?

➟ 60 Modules: Exercises, Videos, Multidimensional Healing designed for Lightworkers

Expression Hub: Next Enrolment – Closed

The Expression Hub is a unique portal, offering you a space to tune into your Divine Expression. Heart Share prompts and Advanced Challenges are within, to initiate the Birthing of your Beautiful Potential.

This is a space to dissolve your ressitsances as well as bond deeply with others on the path who are stepping up as a Healer, Creator, Artist, Heart Entrepreneur, Lightworker, Wayshower.

This space is designed for sensitive, empathic individuals as it is run by sensitive, empathic individuals! So we udnerstand the plight of needing to show up because of your work as a Healer, Lightworker, Creator yet have alot of resistance in doing so.

What’s Included?

➟ 1 Month of Interactive Expressing