Lightworkers Rise

Are you ready to Rise as a Lightworker?

Would you like to hold space for others and help them grow, heal or expand?

Perhaps like thousands of other lightworkers, you feel stuck – not knowing which direction to start with

Perhaps you’ve trained in many healing or coaching modalities yet don’t know how to apply it in a clear, focused direction...

Or perhaps like so many sensitive souls, you always run into Procrastination, Playing it Small, experience Money/Worth issues, lack Confidence

Lightworkers Rise takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Enrolment Now Open

Enrolment closes on 2nd November 2020 or when spaces fill. Join us!

Lightworker Rise Program: Wayshower & Trailblazer

Step up to Your Dreams

“Hello Fellow Explorer…

My journey as a lightworker has been incredibly powerful, challenging and exhilarating. I first began believing I wasn’t worthy of having any gifts. Then I became lost in the ocean of possibilities that are out there – where on earth to begin?

So I began training in many modalities, yet still felt lost for many years in how to Focus, have Direction, ground my passion into a business.

Eventually, I realised I had many core themes to heal, had to push through many comfort zones and learn from the best to integrate the spiritual with business practical aspects. Creating an authentic practical model that worked for someone like me. This combination became the alchemy that catapulted me onto my path. Today I run workshops, retreats around the world yet most importantly: my work = what I love. And this is what I am passionate about activating in others.

You can also live your passions.
The process is not overnight. It always takes time. Yet that time can be incredibly accelerated when we ask for support. With the right guidance, techniques, loving support and platform to express and experiment…you can FLY.

As I looked around I saw that there were many, many others who were also waiting years or decades for their work to flourish. And these were generally sensitive souls.

As I began to train others in the same way, I refined my training to become a step-by-step process. Blending my intuitive & psychological background, the exercises are designed to work with each person’s personality and energy. I have brought everything I have learned, channelled and trained in together into one program.

Lightworkers Rise is designed specifically for sensitive souls, to help you emerge from the shadows into the light that you were born to radiate.

The world needs your gifts and this program together with the unique Expression portal, has been created to gently yet powerfully nurture the gifts out of you into the open – so we may all benefit from your Soul Purpose.”

~ Vaz Sriharan

Awaken & Rise

The Lightworker Rise Program
by Vaz Sriharan


Videos, Presentations


Exclusive Healing Activations


Communities. Expression Hub & Private Mentoring Community


Unique Lightworker….
That’s You!

Is this Program for you?

What core skills will you take away with you that will change your life?

  • Radically expand your connection to Spirit, your Guides and the Universe. Activate your natural intuitive/psychic abilities.
  • Practical Spiritual / Business Knowledge: Learn practical knowledge from Vaz’s experience of years of training, learning and experimenting with Lightwork.
  • Serve the Ascension: Learn how to serve the Great Shift, by bringing your unique gifts to the world, in a practical way.
  • Learn the art of Creating Guided Meditations & Spiritual Journeys – to amplify your connection to Spirit further & offer Healing/Transformation to others simply by listening to them.
  • Express Your Message: Be guided to Discover your Voice, your Message in our unique fun intimate Expression Hub. Meet others and discover your Message.
  • Lightworker Mentors: Be guided by those who have actually gone through the process many times. Feel held and supported with your unique path.
  • Activate your Channeling Skills: Through Vaz’s Divine I AM Transmission Training. Now exclusively open to Lightworkers Rise participant only.

How will I benefit from this Training Course?

  • Accelerated Healing: You will shed lifetimes worth of limiting patterns and see tangible shifts in your reality from the extraordinarily powerful sessions.
  • Focus: So many lightworkers have trouble with Focusing with their path and so much energy is wasted, leading to burnout, fatigue and wondering why things aren’t working. This program gives you Focus, Clarity & Direction with your Soul Purpose so you simplify your Life & regain your Energy.
  • Abundant Mindset: Upgrade your level of consciousness to the arena that effortlessly attracts and magnetises towards you what you deserve.
  • Transform your Relationships: Many lightworkers experiencing Vaz’s work see immediate shifts in their Relationships – because your Lightwork is fundamentally connected to your Connections.

What others have achieved through Vaz’s Lightwork training

  • Wider Reach: Moved from trying to be noticed with their work to reaching a much wider audience.
  • Clarity: Recognised what they were pursuing all these years wasn’t exactly their true passion. Finding Focus shed unnecessary baggage.
  • Let Go: Surrendered older ways of being, experiences and situations. No longer manifesting them.
  • Financially Healthy: Becoming financially healthier & stable. No longer fear Money and their ability to handle it. Moved from survival based to thriving based.
  • Confidence: Feel massively empowered and assured with their Message and ability to relay it to others.
  • Secure in Self: Much less threatened by Criticism and Judgment from Others
  • Activated Higher Purpose: Activated further elements of their Higher Soul Purpose – as they have shown to the Universe, they are ready for more.

This is a life changing programme that will help you transform inside and out, on all levels. It doesn’t just help you to step up, it helps you to feel like you’re flying!


Lightworkers Rise Program

Program begins on 3rd November ~ BOOKINGS NOW OPEN

Bookings close on 2nd November or when spaces fill

  • 8 Weeks of Lightworker Training
  • 50+ Videos, Presentations, Exercises
  • 10+ Powerful Healing Transmissions (Clearing Limiting Beliefs & Ancestral Healing)
  • Accelerate & Upgrade as a Lightworker: Heal Your Core Patterns – Sabotage, Playing it Small, Poverty
  • Activate & Fine Tune your Higher Purpose to create Focus, Clarity, Direction
  • Practical Business Application of your Lightwork: Create a system that supports you.
  • Discover how to take your Gifts to the World


  • Training in Creating Guided Meditations & Journeys
  • Expression Hub: 4 Additional Weeks in exclusive interactive community
  • Private Mentoring Community, with monthly guidance from mentors including Vaz


Instalment Plan Available (click link)

£333 | €365
Approximate Values


Access to Lightworkers Rise = 1 Year
The Expression Hub is optional and open several times a year so you begin with other lightworkers. You will be allocated to the first one closest to your enrolment.
Access to the Private Soul Family Mentoring Community – given upon completion of the Expression Hub.

“This course has profoundly accelerated my inner growth and expansion, where I am rediscovering-my gifts, gaining my inner confidence and (finally) truly trusting in my abilities.

Stepping up feels that much more natural and I now lead classes for groups through zoom, which I really enjoy and in all honesty I never really thought I would have the confidence and courage to do. “


Read more about the Lightworkers Rise program below…

Step by Step to your Dreams


Heal your Sabotage Themes

Many lightworkers start their journey and then stall at several key points, Experiencing

Playing it Small … Scarcity
Low Self Esteem … Fear of Being Seen
Money / Worth Themes
Unworthiness … Lack of Commitment/Direction

It is critical to heal these themes to evolve as a Lightworker.

Lightworkers Rise provides you with profound multidimensional transmissions to Clear your Limiting Beliefs around these themes, including Money, Expression, Power, Perfectionism and more. Not just in this lifetime – Ancestrally too!

A Divine I AM Transmission is a powerful experience channeled by Vaz & Adya that will take you into a deep place of clearing. This course includes 10+ healing transmissions (3 of which are video and upto 2.5 hours each in length). These are for your own development and to create an abundant, aligned energy. Ancestral Healing & Extensive Clearing Sessions that take you into a deep spaces of shedding Lifetimes worth of limiting beliefs around Money, Expression, Power & much more. {These sessions are worth $450}

Are you ready to let go of your baggage?

This in itself will initiate radical transformation for you and your entire life journey.


Learn how to Create & Deliver Guided Meditations

This is a powerful way to begin your Spiritual Facilitation: It allows you to hold space and take individuals through powerful experiences. It also opens a gateway to your deeper gifts. You may not see yourself as a meditation facilitator – perhaps Healing is calling you, or even Art, Music yet you still want to hold space somehow. This gateway however provides a clear strong foundation for holding space. See why…

If you’re empathic, sensitive, shy or feel like you lack the confidence to hold space – yet desire to; this is a perfect way to begin your Lightwork journey. They also draw upon your empathic nature to create experiences where those who listen…feel and are deeply moved.

Imagine creating experiences for people to connect to their Soul, Higher Self, Inner Child…..
to their Spirit Guides, Angels, Star Families…

Now imagine leading people through those experiences, either Live in person or Online…initiating powerful awakenings for those who come to you!

Here you learn how to hold space and step out and eventually amplify this further with your other gifts.

Lightworkers Rise will teach you how to Create powerful Guided Journeys, Meditations & Prayers. (See Below for Examples of Vaz’s Meditations that you will learn to create!)


Fine-Tune Your Soul Purpose

FOCUS and fine tune your life purpose so you become laser guided towards your dreams. Use fascinating techniques that will channel your desires into a River of Direction. Learn the practicalities of taking your Lightwork into the World.

Activate your Deeper Passions and Learn how to Integrate them with your ability to Hold Space. Perhaps you have interests in Art, Music, Growth, Expressing your Wisdom through Writing, Poetry.

Connect with your Soul Tribe on an energetic level to discover your Soul Purpose and Mission as you understand who is receiving your Message. Giving Clarity, Focus & Direction.


Take Your Gifts to the World

How do you take all of this and turn it into a business? How do you practically apply this in the world?

How do you decide how to price your work?

How do you create a clear focused path of all your work together so it’s not disjointed?

Learn how to take your gifts to the world using techniques that support your authentic personality and how to use multiple portals.


Expression Training & Community

Lightworkers Rise provides a special space for you to express in safe intimate spaces with others who are similar to you – through our unique Expression Hub. A passive online course won’t get you the experience you need, the only way to really step out is to practice and receive support. Here you can discover your deeper Message: What other gifts want to be expressed?

Learn how to express yourself in our unique safe intimate environment. Awaken your inner confidence and creativity as you share your beautiful gifts in a real life interactive space. Discover more of your Message as you explore it. Receive support for your wonderful gifts.

Following completion of the Expression Hub, you will be given access to a Private Mentoring Community where you can have fantastic support from your peers and Lightworker mentors, including Vaz.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Gave me Confidence”

I have spent a lot of time healing and growing through Vaz’s healing work and have taken Vaz’s training. The work gave me the confidence to step out and do my own healing work, where I can serve many more to bring out the light into the world.

Himesh, Sound Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Kickstarted a huge period of transformation”

“Joining and working through the Lightworker Programme that Vaz and Adya have created really felt like the kickstart of a huge period of transformation and growth for me that is still continuing today. Working through the content and the exercises in the safe space that the programme creates, I felt myself gradually opening more and more to possibilities and direction for my life that I’d never found the courage to explore before. On a practical level, the tools that I learned and developed through the programme have become an integral part of how I continue to grow, learn and manage the sometimes turbulent times of this transformation. As I reflect back on how life has changed so positively over the last 12 months, I am truly grateful to the programme and to Vaz and Adya for their love and support.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Powerful Program”

Vaz and Adya have created such a powerful program that will challenge you to follow through with. Compared to other online programs where you have to go through hours of online content hoping to find your next insight based on someone else’s story; You will start to write your own story others can relate to and can find support and guidance in.

Jean-Paul, Nature Facilitator & Growth Teacher

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Inevitable Transformation”

I was drawn to the Lightworker Program during a difficult time, when I felt very confused about many things, and had some important life decisions to make. I knew that I needed support to stay connected to what I have to offer the world, keep my heart open, and be able to listen to the messages of divine guidance. Through this program, Vaz and Adya helped me with all that and more. Vaz has an extraordinary gift in being able to see and connect with the real potential in of each of us, so that we begin to believe in ourselves just as much as he believes in us. And Adya’s pure heart connection with each of us helped me to feel such love and support during a time of inevitable transformation. 

Their approach enabled me to continually reflect and feel encouraged to actively express the gifts I have to offer. This led to a direct flow of energy, very quickly creating opportunities I would not have expected. It revealed so much to me and I could have missed it all, had it not been for this program. I have a better relationship with my own vulnerability, understanding how to harness it in a positive, authentic way that supports the expression of my gifts.

As a result I feel stronger in terms of my inner security, and content with my decisions. The group, and one to one relationships, I built during this time has also led to some very meaningful connections and friendships for which I am truly grateful.

Sharmin, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Dancer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Helped me dissolve barriers”

Words cannot describe how much my energy has changed through taking part in this program. Vaz is an awesome teacher with an incredible energy that allows you to trust what you’re doing. 

I was in a place where I could see my potential but struggled to take the action that would make it happen. It’s an incredibly powerful programme that helps you to create new pathways within yourself and through your work. It’s helped me dissolve the barriers I had to being seen and heard as a Lightworker and as a result, I’m starting to do things with confidence and conviction and seeing powerful shifts happening with my work.”

Hafsa, Personal Growth & Transformation Mentor

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Profound Acceleration”

Vaz and Adya’s lightworker programme has provided me with an amazing platform, profoundly accelerating my inner growth and expansion. It has life enhancing tools, wisdom, and transformation and I’m really starting to feel this deep reconnection with my true self, where I am rediscovering-my gifts, gaining my inner confidence and (finally) truly trusting in my abilities.

It feels like a coming home of sorts, I’m remembering who I am and what I am capable of achieving which is pretty amazing and has opened up my life in ways unimaginable.

Stepping up feels that much more natural and I now lead classes for groups through zoom, which I really enjoy (and which in all honesty I never really thought I would have the confidence and courage to do)

The course has given me this inner strength and confidence to really trust in myself and this is just the start of my exciting new lightworker journey. Thank you 💗🙏

Rachel, Healer & Spiritual Facilitator