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Energy Update – October 2020: The Conscious / Spiritual Movement & the Shadow The Lightworker’s Journey

— The Battle between the Light and Dark is not out there. It’s inside —   Welcome to this Energy Update which essentially covers this Summer and leading into October.   EXTREME POLARISATION: BINARY VS NUANCED The increasing polarisation on the planet has manifested in many forms. From Brexit & Trump to Genders, now to Race. It falls into all of our conversations. It reveals our capacity for Binary Conversations rather than Nuanced Conversations which include all aspects (sides) in understanding any situation.   THE SUPERIORITY TRAP When we understand the way our minds work, we understand the nature of Superiority and Inferiority within each of us. How does this play out in the Conscious/Spiritual Movement and how we view those who are ‘unawake’?   HEALING OUR RELIGIOUS PROGRAMMING IN THE CONSCIOUS/SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT   PREACHING How do we relay information to one another? Do we harbour evalengical needs to impose our beliefs upon another?   RISE OF THE NEW GURU Whilst we may pride ourselves in moving away from the ‘guru mentality’ and power to the people. We all have elements of the New Guru within. How do we spot it in others and how do we prevent ourselves from being drawn into adopting belief systems that we do not genuinely align with?   MODERN WITCH-HUNT: ARE WE THE NEW PERSECUTORS? What happened to the women during the middle ages were terrible. Yet the energy of the Mob and Persecution still lays within humanity’s framework. Whenever we feel the need for self righteous justification without grounded long-term research takes us into the reactionary witch-hunt mentality.   WE ARE PURE. THEY ARE EVIL. This is where the Shadow loves to play. When we label another group of people as being the source of all evil, further distancing ourselves from the idea of what we determine as evil. And further distancing ourselves from our own Shadow and meeting our own Darkness.   COVID Another perspective. Covid again is not a binary conversation.   TRUST and DISTRUST During times of Crisis, Trust gets us through difficult times. Yet the growing Distrust reveals something much deeper we feel about ourselves and the Universe in general.   BRIEF MEDITATION TO CLEAR YOUR ENERGIES A brief meditation to clear your energies from the collective noise. Drop into your Presence. Drop into your own fluid loving wisdom and power.   Blessings on your journey ~~~~~~~ Discover more at http://www.vazsriharan.com
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