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Lighthouse Meditation: For Manifestation & Synchronicity Spiritual Awakening with Vaz

Here is a meditation I created for lightworkers in our Trailblazer Academy. You can use this to magnetise towards you your Soul Purpose & Destiny. I’ve used this throughout my journey, especially when I was setting up my spirituality meet-up group in London. There are many ways to attract people towards us, I love magnetism because it calls in those who are aligned to find us on the soul level. Enjoy!
  1. Lighthouse Meditation: For Manifestation & Synchronicity
  2. Connecting to your Divine Plan & Destiny (Meditation)
  3. Energy Update – November 2020: Finding the Eye in the Storm
  4. Prayer to Release Suffering (for Difficult times or Dark Night of the Soul)
  5. 10 Minute Chakra Affirmation