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awaken the wonder within

Explore a range of courses designed to support you each step of the way. These are recorded multidimensional experiences that were given to live groups. These include Teachings, Activation Commands (Call & Response for you to participate in at home) and the deep Divine I AM Transmissions. They cover a wide range of themes and are open to all – wherever you are on the path. Please note that these are very transformative! Therefore take your time when moving through them. There is no need to rush. If you need more guidance on what to expect following a Transmission / Healing – Click here

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Wishing you many blessings, abundance, clarity and connection with your transformation.

Vaz Sriharan

Awaken Inner Love Course

This course has powerful truths that it can lead to huge transformation in your life through the application of key principles of Spiritual Reflection.

Vaz used these myself to emerge from over 15 years of depression and now teach many others the same principles.

Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova

Self Love Healing

Vaz & Adya lead this experience to initiate deep healing for your self around themes of Worthiness, Self Love, Self Care, Self Loving Awareness….offering you a space to access and awaken your infinite source of unconditional love within. Bringing exercises and their signature multidimensional work to heal and elevate themes around Self Love.

Vaz Sriharan

Inner Child Healing

Vaz & Adya lead this experience to bring awareness, growth & elevation to your Inner Child…offering the love, care & comfort it is seeking. As well as using their signature multidimensional work to heal and elevate themes around the Inner Child.

Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova

Accelerated Relationship Healing Series

Transformational Healing, Alignment & Elevation of Relationship Themes to Meet the New Conscious Relationship Frequency. Held by 2 Channellers & Teachers: Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova. This is a series of several intensives to offer radical transformation around Relationships.

Teaching, Activational Commands, Breathing Release & Shadow Integration. Inner Child, Karmic Relationships, Conscious Relationships, Sacred Union & More

Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova

Chakra Acceleration Series

Transformational Healing through Clearing, Harmonising & Elevation of each of the Chakras through a series of Multidimensional Activations. Held by 2 Channellers: Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova.

Teaching, Chanting & Activational Commands, Breathing Release & Shadow Integration. Chakra Divine I AM Transmission

Vaz Sriharan

Divine I AM Transmissions

The Divine I AM Transmissions, channeled by Vaz Sriharan, offer a download of higher light, love, codes, wisdoms, frequencies pour into your space to Cleanse, Bathe, Transform and Activate your fields and consciousness with higher frequencies of light.

Cellular / Emotional Release & Clearing, Spiritual Reconnection, Multidimensional Activations, DNA calibrations, Strengthening Connection to Spirit Guides & Star Family, Awakening of Inner Wisdom, Peace, Guidance & Joy

Vaz Sriharan

Ancestral Healing Series

Experience Channeled Transmissions, Individual Activations & Activational Commands to clear you on a DNA, Cellular, Ancestral (Genetic, Past Life, Karmic) and Multidimensional levels to deeply release held stories. Working with THIS lifetime (Culturally, Family, Societally) as well as PAST lifetimes and GENETIC lineages. Exploring Money, Power, Expression, Relationships.

Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova

Multidimensional Template Clearing Series

Powerfully Heal your Core Patterns through Multidimensional Clearing. 
These are recorded Video sessions from Live online workshops. Each session includes a preceding Video Teaching with Vaz & Adya. Each Intensive includes: Teaching/Sharing Energy Updates related to this theme. Multidimensional Clearing & Activational Commands. Extended Transmissions

Vaz Sriharan

Shifting Timelines Series

You will be working with the concept of Parallel Realities and Timelines….We are shifting between timelines every moment and mili second.  Parallel Realities is the concept that we migrate through infinite streams of possibilities with every single moment. In each given moment we shift realities based on the vibrational inner choices we make. Through conscious energetic & multidimensional work we can make jumps and even quantum leaps to realities that serve us.