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Root Chakra Activations: Accelerated Healing with Vaz & Adya

Root Chakra Activations

Transformational Healing through Clearing, Harmonising & Elevation of the Root Chakra (Muladhara) through a series of Multidimensional Activations. Held by 2 Channellers: Vaz Sriharan & Adya Nova.

The Root Chakra governs your security, survival, trust, your relationship with money, home, job, ability to be grounded, to be present in the here and now. The Root oversees your ability to allow yourself to be nourished, in the sense of allowing your Inner Being to be satisfied. This chakra also reflects your connection with your mother, and with Mother Earth. How you feel about being on the earth. Connection with your physical body.

We will work with vibrational frequencies of our Idealised Root Chakra and the Planetary Root Chakra (Mt Shasta, California / Uluru, Australia). Our activational process allows for the Root Chakra to essentially upgrade, as it accesses the higher frequencies and possibilities of living from a multi-dimensional Root Chakra. This signifies the transition from 3D reality to higher dimensional planes of living, where in this case the Root Chakra’s abilities are expanded and upgraded to access the unseen realms of magic, miracles, synchronicity, manifestation and divine support.

Session Outline

❀ Channelled Teaching – The Root Chakra and it’s deeper role in our Spiritual Development & Multidimensional Journey. Understanding polarities of this chakra.

❀ Root Chakra Rebirth: Chanting (LAM) & Activational Commands, Breathing Release & Shadow Integration. Working with the Higher Consciousness and Shadow Side to subconsciously reprogram polarised Root Chakra beliefs with Balanced ones. (see further down)

❀ Root Chakra Divine I AM Transmission

Focused Release/Cleanse Transmission for Root Chakra Imbalanced patterns and associated Physical Counterparts holding emotions (see further down). Planetary Root Chakra Transmission & Activations (Mt Shasta, California / Uluru, Australia)

Activating the trans-personal aspects of this chakra as we connect with Gaia’s own Root Chakra. Opening to Divine Worth, Divine Support, Divine Connection, Divine Roots. Multi-Level Expansion.

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