Spiritual Awakening with Vaz Facebook Group

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💞 This Group supports you with your Spiritual Awakening – from your Growth to your Lightwork. From Relationships to Connecting with Spirit. Led and held by spiritual guide, healer, mentor Vaz Sriharan.


  • Spiritual Growth & Understanding. Guidance to navigate through your Awakening Process.
  • Support with your Lightwork & Accessing your Spiritual Gifts.
  • To Learn how to Connect to your Inner Wisdom, Power, Love…and to Spirit.
  • To Connect with others like hearted souls
  • Vaz offers an integrated form of spirituality, being open to the multidimensional side of life as well as grounding that into being human.


⚡️ Regular Video content by Mentor Vaz Sriharan to help you with your Spiritual Awakening & Soul Purpose: Spiritual Growth, Lightworker Tips, Energy Updates
⚡️Vaz’s extensive free Resource Library: Guided Meditations, Journeys, Transmissions, Articles
🌀Free Lightworker Training Course: Awaken Your Purpose. This is included within this group for you to experience in your own time!
💞 A Live Facebook Call held by Vaz to answer questions you may have about your journey and path.
🙏🏽 Service: Weekly Space to send Distant Healing & Prayers to those in need (we have a growing list of those needing prayers for cancer, depression and otherwise).
🧬 Access to the Monthly Enrolment of Lightworkers Rise Training.