The Quiet Ones

I have found the ones who question themselves the most – and read this as self criticism – are the ones who actually have a healthy relationship with their ego. The ones who hide in the shadows with their real thoughts and feelings – who perhaps carry the most important messages of all. The onesContinue reading “The Quiet Ones”

Energy Update – November 2020

Finding Your Eye in the Storm EYE IN THE STORM You’ve been preparing for external change over the years with your transformational growth healing Finding your Stillness Point Finding your Influence Points BIRTHING PERIOD Birth is a time of vulnerability Being conscious of Reactionary energies Taking back of Control DISTRACTION Distraction is heroin for ourContinue reading “Energy Update – November 2020”

Poverty Consciousness (Spirituality and Money)

In order to share about this very important theme, I have to first share very openly about my journey with it. It hasn’t been easy! And I’m sure for many of you. Yet I share here so you can be aware, so you don’t need to go down the same route I went. There areContinue reading “Poverty Consciousness (Spirituality and Money)”

What is Self Sabotage?

Self Sabotage: On this Lightpath, if there is one thing we face: its Self Sabotage. This arises for many reasons and most of which are unconscious – relating to deep fears of Being Seen, Loved, Respected, Validated. As well as energies from the matrix which are designed to prevent Lightworkers from doing their work. TheContinue reading “What is Self Sabotage?”

Embracing Your Role as a Healer and Facilitator

Are you wondering if you’re ready to step up as a Lightworker in service? Do you continually yearn to be inservice yet are unsure if you are ready? Do you find yourself in a continual loop of wondering if you should or should not step up? What are the common fears faced upon stepping up?Continue reading “Embracing Your Role as a Healer and Facilitator”

What are Lightworkers? What is their role during the Ascension?

You have come here with an incredible energetic code. One that defies conventional thinking. One that works in unison with others from your Soul Family to formulate the building blocks of the New Consciousness. You are Humanity’s Future. This isn’t an Ego trip. It is absolutely essential to open up to your possiblity. This isContinue reading “What are Lightworkers? What is their role during the Ascension?”

Forgiveness is a River

Family. Isn’t this where all of our ‘stuff’ comes from? Our environment, the way we were conditioned during childhood and adolescence? On the spiritual path as we recognize our family conditionings we are faced with the ultimate spiritual transformational gateway: Forgiveness. There are several stages to growth and development. The following is generic yet canContinue reading “Forgiveness is a River”