Trailblazer Academy (Lightworkers Rise)

The World Needs You

Trailblazer Academy (Lightworkers Rise) is a high vibrational mentoring & training portal for you to Step Up as a Spiritual Facilitator. Discover your Gifts, Move through fears, Gain Confidence, Practice in Real Life environments…Be Part of a thriving Community

Trailblazer Academy

The Time is Now

Would you like to hold space for others and help them grow, heal or expand?

Perhaps like thousands of others on the spiritual path, you feel stuck – not knowing which direction to start with

Perhaps you’ve trained in many healing or coaching modalities yet don’t know how to apply it in a clear, focused direction...

Or perhaps like so many sensitive souls, you always run into Procrastination, Playing it Small, experience Money/Worth issues, lack Confidence

Trailblazer Academy

by Vaz Sriharan, featuring Adya Nova & More


Videos, Presentations, Exclusive Healing Activations


Months of Training, Tailored Mentoring, Peer Support, Confidence Building


Communities. Expression Hub & Private Mentoring Calls / Community


Trailblazer…That’s You!


What will you Experience?

Fine-Tune Your Gifts

Many individuals feel they have a multitude of gifts yet don’t know where to begin. This can lead to procrastination as well as not focusing on what can truly thrive – in this moment. Through a series of spiritual/psycho-reflective exercises and training, you will discover what is calling you Now. Vaz / Mentor’s guidance with you additionally helps you lock down what you need & Begin.

Heal Your Fears

We all have fears and insecurities. Yet so, SO many souls feel paralysed by them – preventing them from delivering their important gifts to the world. This is largely due to Sabotage and is very difficult to move through without supportive help (such as a mentor and a community).

Trailblazer Academy provides you with profound multidimensional transmissions to Clear your Limiting Beliefs around these themes, including Money, Expression, Power, Playing it Small, Fears of Being Seen, Unworthiness, Perfectionism and more. Not just in this lifetime – Ancestrally too!

Practical Spiritual & Business Support

There are many trainings in the conscious field. From Yoga Teacher Training to Reiki. Yet how do you practically apply this in the world? And in a way that aligns to your personality?

Learn practical knowledge from Vaz’s experience of years of training, learning and experimenting with Lightwork

Additionally, become financially healthier as you heal your relationship with Money, Pricing & Receiving.

Unique Experiential Learning

Expression Hub

The unique Expression Hub is exclusive for Trailblazer Academy participants. Learn how to express yourself in our unique safe intimate environment. Awaken your inner confidence and creativity as you share your beautiful gifts in a real life interactive space. Discover more of your Message as you explore it.

This Hub is offered through a private Facebook Group – details given in your program.

Tailored Mentoring

Upon completion of the Expression Hub, you will be gifted with access to the Group Monthly Mentoring Calls for 6 Months. Here you can have fantastic support from Lightwork Mentors including Vaz, your peers and receive ongoing training with your unique path.

Additionally you have access to a Private Facebook Community for duration of Zoom Calls, including Accountability Partners, Further Challenges.

Live Practice

We offer safe and held Live Practice environments for you to experience what it is like to hold a 1-2-1 Session or Group Experience.

Most lightworkers step out into the real world with their work and learn through trial & error with real clients and participants. Our Live Practice environments allow you to learn and gain feedback from the group and mentors so you can improve and feel confident with yourself before stepping out.

If you are ready & selected*, take your work through Vaz’s LCS platform, reaching over 20,000 people. The Facilitator Trainee events offer low priced events to the public for those in training. These can include small meditation groups, circles to gain more real life practice whilst feeling safe that the audience know you are still training

Video Testimonials

Hear from those in our Program ~ Learn more from their journey with us, what to expect and the great transformation being experienced…

Michele, 2021

Brielle, 2021

Helen, 2021

You will be seeing a great deal more from Michele, Brielle & Helen!

The Process

The 8 Month Interactive Program is designed to offer you continued learning, mentoring & high vibrational support. It is also carefully created to ensure it’s flexibility integrates into your busy lives.

Month 1

In the first month you will dive into the course content. This is delivered to you over the course of 8 weeks. Most take their time with the content, even up to a year. This is allowed so you can move through at your own speed and time. You have the first month to yourself to familiarise yourself with the material.

Month 2

In Month 2, you are given access to the transformative Expression Hub! A powerful space to gain confidence and for the team to get a feeling for your gifts. Here you additionally make contact with others who will offer their own support throughout your stay with us.

The Expression Hub delivers prompts every few days for you to record videos (heart shares), within the space of 30 days. There is plenty of time to carry this out in your own time.

Months 3 – 8

Month 3 onwards is where you will be given access to the Group Monthly Mentoring Calls, joining with many others from around the world in a private facebook group – beginning your deeper journey with us. Calls are led by a Mentor, such as Vaz, and take you through a process. Accountability Partners begin in Month 3, offering you weekly support. The worksheets you hand in help Vaz/Mentors understand your journey and give you individual advice, challenges, recommendations to move ahead.

This is a life changing programme that will help you transform inside and out, on all levels. It doesn’t just help you to step up, it helps you to feel like you’re flying!



Learn How to Create Guided Meditations

This is a powerful way to begin your Spiritual Facilitation: It allows you to hold space and take individuals through powerful experiences. It also opens a gateway to your deeper gifts. You may not see yourself as a meditation facilitator – perhaps Healing is calling you, or even Art, Music yet you still want to hold space somehow. This gateway however provides a clear strong foundation for holding space. See why…

If you’re empathic, sensitive, shy or feel like you lack the confidence to hold space – yet desire to; this is a perfect way to begin your Lightwork journey. They also draw upon your empathic nature to create experiences where those who listen…feel and are deeply moved.

Imagine leading people through experiences, either Live in person or Online…initiating powerful awakenings for those who come to you!

Here you learn how to hold space and step out and eventually amplify this further with your other gifts.

Trailblazer Academy will teach you how to Create powerful Guided Journeys, Meditations & Prayers. (See Below for Examples of Vaz’s Meditations that you will learn to create!)

Join the Academy

What you receive when you sign up:

8 Months of Training & Support

Course Content

50+ Videos, Presentations, Exercises

10+ Powerful Healing Transmissions (Recorded Sessions: Clearing Limiting Beliefs & Ancestral Healing)

The Course content is delivered over 8 weeks yet can be completed in your own time, with lifetime access

Interactive Training (Trailblazer Academy Only)

Expression Hub (1 Month): Exclusive environment to Discover Your Gifts & Open Up.

Group Mentoring Calls a Month (for 6 Months) with guidance from mentors including Vaz. Including Q&A’s, occasional ceremonies.

Practice in Safe, Held & Real Life Scenarios: 1-2-1, Group & Experiential Workshops

Private Community: Bond, Share your work, Receive high vibrational support from your peers.

Ready Audience: Have the Opportunity to take your work to a Live Ready Audience via Vaz’s extensive network. Applicable to those who are ready & selected for Live Work.

Notes: Upon Completion of the Expression Hub, you will be given access to the Monthly Zoom Calls & the Private Facebook Community for 6 months.


Prices are given in US Dollars, other currencies given as approximations



Instalment Plan Available (through main link below)

Course Content Only

£333 | $444 | €365

This is a passive version of the course, with approx 90% the course content.

60+ videos, presentations, healing activations

Hear from our Trailblazers

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Gave me Confidence”

I have spent a lot of time healing and growing through Vaz’s healing work and have taken Vaz’s training. The work gave me the confidence to step out and do my own healing work, where I can serve many more to bring out the light into the world.

Himesh, Sound Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Powerful Program”

Vaz and Adya have created such a powerful program that will challenge you to follow through with. Compared to other online programs where you have to go through hours of online content hoping to find your next insight based on someone else’s story; You will start to write your own story others can relate to and can find support and guidance in.

Jean-Paul, Nature Facilitator & Growth Teacher

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Helped me dissolve barriers”

Words cannot describe how much my energy has changed through taking part in this programme. Vaz is an awesome teacher with an incredible energy that allows you to trust what you’re doing. 

I was in a place where I could see my potential but struggled to take the action that would make it happen. It’s an incredibly powerful programme that helps you to create new pathways within yourself and through your work. It’s helped me dissolve the barriers I had to being seen and heard as a Lightworker and as a result, I’m starting to do things with confidence and conviction and seeing powerful shifts happening with my work.”

Hafsa, Personal Growth & Transformation Mentor

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Kickstarted a huge period of transformation”

“Joining and working through the Lightworker Programme that Vaz and Adya have created really felt like the kickstart of a huge period of transformation and growth for me that is still continuing today. Working through the content and the exercises in the safe space that the programme creates, I felt myself gradually opening more and more to possibilities and direction for my life that I’d never found the courage to explore before. On a practical level, the tools that I learned and developed through the programme have become an integral part of how I continue to grow, learn and manage the sometimes turbulent times of this transformation. As I reflect back on how life has changed so positively over the last 12 months, I am truly grateful to the programme and to Vaz and Adya for their love and support.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Inevitable Transformation”

I was drawn to the Lightworker Program during a difficult time, when I felt very confused about many things, and had some important life decisions to make. I knew that I needed support to stay connected to what I have to offer the world, keep my heart open, and be able to listen to the messages of divine guidance. Through this program, Vaz and Adya helped me with all that and more. Vaz has an extraordinary gift in being able to see and connect with the real potential in of each of us, so that we begin to believe in ourselves just as much as he believes in us. And Adya’s pure heart connection with each of us helped me to feel such love and support during a time of inevitable transformation. 

Their approach enabled me to continually reflect and feel encouraged to actively express the gifts I have to offer. This led to a direct flow of energy, very quickly creating opportunities I would not have expected. It revealed so much to me and I could have missed it all, had it not been for this program. I have a better relationship with my own vulnerability, understanding how to harness it in a positive, authentic way that supports the expression of my gifts.

As a result I feel stronger in terms of my inner security, and content with my decisions. The group, and one to one relationships, I built during this time has also led to some very meaningful connections and friendships for which I am truly grateful.

Sharmin, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Dancer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Profound Acceleration”

Vaz and Adya’s lightworker programme has provided me with an amazing platform, profoundly accelerating my inner growth and expansion. It has life enhancing tools, wisdom, and transformation and I’m really starting to feel this deep reconnection with my true self, where I am rediscovering-my gifts, gaining my inner confidence and (finally) truly trusting in my abilities.

It feels like a coming home of sorts, I’m remembering who I am and what I am capable of achieving which is pretty amazing and has opened up my life in ways unimaginable.

Stepping up feels that much more natural and I now lead classes for groups through zoom, which I really enjoy (and which in all honesty I never really thought I would have the confidence and courage to do)

The course has given me this inner strength and confidence to really trust in myself and this is just the start of my exciting new lightworker journey. Thank you 💗🙏

Rachel, Healer & Spiritual Facilitator


Find Answers to Common Questions below

How long will this course take me?

The entire Trailblazer Academy (Lightworkers Rise) is listed as 8 Months and this is the length of support you receive. However it has been designed for any individual to fit around their lives. The first month involves delving into the course content. The second month is the Expression Hub. Months 3-8 involve a Monthly Call (plus Accountability Partners). This gives you plenty of time to live your life, whilst having continued high vibrational support, mentoring throughout as you step up with your work. Some take a whole year to complete the course content, this part is really upto you – however it is recommended to complete at least 80% of the course while you are in the private community (whilst you have access to it) so you can ask questions.

What is the difference between Trailblazer Academy and Lightworkers Rise?

Lightworkers Rise is the course content only.
Trailblazer Academy is the entire interactive program, which includes the course content.

Will I interact with others?

The course content itself is passive which means you can listen and watch in your own time. The Monthly Zoom Calls have interactivity throughout them. If you choose the Expression Hub and Private Community you are choosing a deeper interaction as you get to meet other beautiful souls like you, make friends, find support, grow and learn together. We believe Community is a key principle to growth.

How do I know if I’m a Trailblazer (or lightworker)?

We use this term to really refer to the choice of any individual to tap into their joy, passions and bring it through into a business, to fulfil others and themselves. It is far beyond a label, it is more of a reference to a new breed of individual who is choosing to live a life aligned with their soul’s choices. It is anyone who wants to see if they have gifts within. Anyone who wants to experiment with taking those gifts out to help others. It can be anything: Healing, Art, Music, Coaching. Endless.

What’s the difference between Training to be a Coach, Healer, Artist, Speaker etc and the Training?

Everyone has Natural Gifts, Learned Gifts and what I call Nurtured Gifts, those that can be awakened or strengthened through training/activations.

Both of these need ongoing training.

Official trainings in specific disciplines give incredible training in applying them in the world. For example to be a sufficient ethical coach, you would need a healthy Coaching training(s) in your belt. The same applies to be a Yoga Teacher or a Healer. Learning Reiki through Attunements or any healing modality.

However most trainings do not deal with the practical element of stepping out.

For example you may have learned a specific healing modality – yet what next? How do you take that into the world? And what if only offering that modality isn’t what your Soul is asking for? How do you integrate it with other elements? What about the fears in taking your work out there? What next?

Consequently these are Learned Gifts yet are un-nurtured. They have been awakened yet are missing the key components of being embodied, which happens through nurturing.

Lightworkers Rise offers a Nurturing Environment – Training in Awakening / Refining your Soul Purpose & Gifts (whatever you have already learned, if you are totally new see further down). It also gives you practical guidance in taking this out in the world, integrating it together with other gifts that you naturally have. Whilst simultaneously supporting you to move through the naural fears anyone has in being the focus of your Gift (Being Seen) and gaining Confidence in being the person others seek out for your Creative Gifts.

We will always encourage ongoing training in your chosen discipline (and others that your soul is seeking). Yet the LR platform is designed to nurture your gifts.

Lightworkers Rise also offers specific Gift training for Creating Meditations, Channelling Transmissions (Add-On), and Holding Groups for both. So even if you haven’t had any training in any discipline, we can offer you a strong starting place and a real-life environment space to practice.

Will you be teaching me how to heal?

We offer a Divine I AM Transmission Training as an Add-On to this course, which compliments this Lightworker training. It offers participants the ability to learn how to channel Transmissions for Individuals & Groups; working Live and Online. It offers individuals a key modality to begin to work with for their Lightwork – should Healing be a passion of theirs of course. We introduce the next Training session in the Private Community every now and then.

Just to note, within Lightworkers Rise we also train and guide individuals to create Guided Meditations & Journeys which is a fantastic way of beginning your lightwork (regardless of your ultimate venture). We often recommend this to everyone to learn because it teaches you to tap into your imagination, how to hold space, how to trust your voice, how to instantly work in a group (through our subsequent groups of support) and more.

I work during the week / have commitments. What if I can’t attend or make the start date?

To be clear there are no official dates of attendance. The start date is chosen so that all in that enrolment begin the course together. We have found this to be a very effective way of creating group cohesion, upon entering the Expression Hub & Community (even if you take longer to complete, there is an energetic group bond).

I have created this course for the flexible minded so it can work for you. The course content is passive so can be accessed in your own time.

The Expression Hub involves creating videos in your own time (over the course of the month). Here you will have time to interact with others in your own time, through comments. The Private Community has a monthly interactive call which is usually chosen to be the most accessible by all (although we do have to take into account timezones). All Private Community Calls are recorded so you can access them afterwards if you miss them. Your personal calls with your Accountability Partners will be worked out between you both so you can work out a convenient time together.

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes. When you click through to our course page, you will see the instalment option. Access to the Monthly Calls & Private Community is possible once you have completed both instalments.

Is this for newcomers? I have been doing my Spiritual Work for many years, would I benefit from this?

I have created this course to meet Lightworkers at all levels. Those completely new who are discovering their gifts for the first time. Those who need something tangible to begin with, which we provide specific tools and training for. And those who have been a seasoned lightworker.

If you have been exploring your spiritual work for some time, here are ways you can benefit.

Fine tuning your life purpose is essential along the way for any individual. It ensures we are not putting unnecessary energy into ventures that aren’t aligned with our core guiding force. It is said upto 96% of energy is wasted in business! This really comes down to Focus. Our techniques to discover your Focus, Clarity and Direction works on a soul level by tapping into the true soul consciousness of your audience. Those who are trying to find you. Here we dont try and mentally work things out, we work on a spiritual level too.

Secondly, this course works to transmute core Sabotage themes that many seasoned lightworkers face: Playing it Small, Procrastination, Low Self Worth, Hiding, Money Themes, Fear of Criticism/Judgment, Trying excessively yet not getting anywhere. These need to be healed on deep core levels as well as being practically addressed. Our unique Expression Hub is the place where you get to learn to speak about your message confidently – in a safe space. Learn how to vibrationally heal your money fears. Move through fears of failure, criticism, judgment by facing them, moving beyond your comfort zones of limitation by having the group energy & mentor encouraging your evolution.

Thirdly, in our private community we have the options of Accountability partners who are support partners within the group, to provide you with accountability for your dreams. Imagine no longer needing to rely upon on yourself to move ahead. You have peer support for this.

Fourthly, there is a part of the course that is uniquely for those who are more advanced in their lightwork (at least a few years down the line from beginners), in terms of evolving your business into a system that takes your audience to greater projects you create. This involves creating a system so everything you express, create is working in alignment.

Finally, what is lightwork without Community. For us, Soul Family is everything and it takes isolating entrepreneurial work into the fun, interactive space of peer support.

It is essential however if you are a seasoned lightworker to be willing to move through the program from the beginning (skipping optional chapters) yet have the desire to ‘start again’ – this allows you to truly look at what you have been creating from new eyes. Without the attachment to your ideas and being willing to reinvent yourself, which may be what your soul has been calling for.

Do I need a Facebook account?

Yes. We use Facebook for the Expression Hub (& Private Community explained below). This serves as the best platform to easily upload videos, comment. Facebook is free. For those who do not have an account or do not wish to use it beyond the Course, we recommend creating a shell account for the duration of the Course where you do not need to use your own picture, as long as we see you name so we can recognise you!

The Private Group is also where we publish the Zoom links, recordings, further challenges, peer support and accountability partner information. The Monthly Calls are held via Zoom.

We do not ask any lightworker to use a platform they do not resonate with for their actual work.

How do I know if this is for me?

This course isn’t for everyone. I’m looking for certain types of souls. You may be shy, you may be unsure, you may have low self worth and esteem – that is entirely Ok. In fact welcome! We specialise in empowering souls to tap into their gifts and feel worthy about them. However – I am looking for a solid Yes to this program:

If your heart says Yes to this program! Then you know!
If your heart says Yes yet you feel apprehensive, fearful, afraid, that’s ok. As mentioned above, low self worth about your gifts is normal – which this course is all about supporting you through. Resistance is also normal, it means you’re recognising you’re about to Upgrade. For the better! Many feel resistance. At some point you will have to make the decision yourself, for yourself, what you need.

If you have a lot of doubts about this program, whether it’s the right decision for you – then this program is probably not for you.

I’m looking for individuals who can give a solid Yes, who may have fears and resistance yet can make empowered choices themselves by signing up to a program like this. As with everything, you choosing the first step puts things into motion. It’s this initial belief in yourself that I nurture and guide along the way. Yet you are always responsible for your own success and this is always the foundation.

What success do you guarantee?

None. I nor anyone else can guarantee the success of anyone. It is entirely upto you.

We operate from the principle that each and every soul is 100% responsible for their reality. Therefore you are 100% responsible for your own success. We work to the utmost of our ability on our side to offer the best possible arena for you to be nurtured, encouraged, supported to Grow, Expand, Elevate to your Greatness. We do not believe in quick fix courses or programs. We believe in hard work, perseverance and the willingness to do what is needed to break out of comfort zones and limiting realities – to achieve the dreams that each and every individual has.

We cannot make any guarantee for your success, including your ability to earn money, an audience or any specific results from using our tools, healing transmissions, techniques, exercises, and the entirety of the course. All the work is your own and we say this to emphasise how Success and Fulfilment is achieved by any individual in the world. It is always an empowering choice and movement that is individual. We support this by providing the best possible content, training, insights, wisdom, support we can to move you forward.

It is important to know there will be people who purchase this course who do not receive any ‘expected’ results as they have not put in the work that is required, overlooked our recommendations in favour of their own belief systems, or have pulled out during the course. Again this is why it is an empowering decision for each person to choose their own destiny.

It is also important to acknowledge that some also purchase the course and are not ready to meet the elevation for their personal development. This does not mean a closed door. It may mean that they return to the course in time and complete it and put in the work they weren’t ready for previously.

We are here to support you along the way, and for those of you who put in the work will see just how many opportunities are available for you when you persevere. We have a great track record with those we do empower through all of our work and Spiritual / Personal Transformation is very common with our type of work. Yet individual success, fulfilment and Breakthroughs happen for each person. And this is the most beautiful and empowering thing of all.